How VPN Helps In Ensuring Safety And Security Of Online Mac Users


To stay safe online, you must consider an extra layer of security on your Mac. Antivirus software is one of the best assistance that protects you from virus, and malware. The only downside is that it fails to hide your digital footprints. As long as your web usage can be connected to your IP address, one can track you. Due to this reason, some people prefer to choose a VPN or Virtual Private Network to connect their MacBook to the Internet.

Benefits offered by VPN service

Virtual Private Networks involve one to get access to a server run by VPN provider through an encrypted connection. The following are the benefits of why you should definitely get VPN for Mac:

  • Privacy: As the connection between the VPN server and your Mac is fully encrypted, no one can see what information passes through the “tunnel.”
  • Hiding IP address: All the Internet traffic will seem to initiate from the VPN server than your own IP address.
  • Location spoofing: As the IP address seems to be of the VPN server to which you are connected, and as most VPN providers provide servers in several different countries, it becomes easy to access content and global information via a VPN.
  • Secure access to public Wi-Fi hotspots: All data exchanged between the VPN server and your Mac device is encrypted. So, even if one connects to a hacked public Wi-Fi hotspot, you can be assured that your data is safe.

Different ways to connect to a VPN server

There are different protocols to connect to a VPN server. Out of all these protocols, OpenVPN is considered to be highly secure. After this comes, PPTP and IPSec. OpenVPN is not the protocol, but an open source proprietary software.

PPTP and IPSec are actual protocols that are built into OS X and iOS. It can be manually configured in the OS system’s settings. OpenVPN needs an additional software. Many of the VPN service providers come with their dedicated OpenVPN clients that make the entire setup process efficient.

For the iPad and iPhone, one can easily download VPN apps from the App Store. There are generic open source applications available for iOS as well as OS X that enables OpenVPN to be manually configured. Also, along with the VPN app, users may also require a subscription to VPN service.

How to find the appropriate VPN service provider?

You need to consider following factors when choosing a VPN service. These factors differentiate one VPN service from another.

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Location
  • Privacy
  • Additional services such as socks5, DNS proxy, HTTP proxy


TheSecurity and privacy benefits that you’ll get by investing in a good VPN provider for your MacBook/ OS Xdevice is worth the money. Properly connecting your OS X device to a VPN service will definitely help in maintaining your online privacy, It will keep your digital life perfectly hidden from others and by connecting to a VPN while accessing the internet from WI-Fi, you can prevent yourself from getting tracked online.

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