Hospitality Tech Trends Taking 2019 by Storm


Development in technology has been a cause of innovations in different fields. Technology changed the shape of society. People using technology in their offices for business strategies, for the purpose of convenient communications, technology also playing a key role in the education system and healthcare. Business organizations expanding business through the use of technology with business strategies and get beneficial results. At least, 6.8 billion people using mobile technology out of 7.1 billion population. Today, approximately every person has an iPad, tablet and mobile devices. Society has affected by the revolution in technology, even personal lifestyle has been changed.

Technology finished the distance between humans. Peoples from across the world using social media platforms for communication with each other. Therefore, when people came to hotel, they demand Wi-Fi, technology devices such as iPad’s, tablets etc. Hotels are also trying to fulfil their customers’ requirements such as they provide them iPad’s, tablets and other related electronic devices. Usually, hotels hire the iPad’s from iPad hire for eventsfor short terms of periods and fulfil their customer’s demands.

Some hotels are providing virtual reality headset to their guests for a better and unique experience.

Here is the list of some hospitality tech trends:

  • Wi-Fi availability
  • Tablet Rental
  • Hotel mobile app
  • Virtual reality

Wi-Fi availability

Free Wi-Fi available in hotel is an important factor for guests. Even guest says that Wi-Fi is essential rather than food for them. Therefore hotels across the world started to give free access to Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi is also the first priority for business travellers. Guest want unlimited access to the fast interned service. Because through the connection of free Wi-Fi they can enjoy the world of internet during their stay.

Tablet Rental

People want to communicate with each other in their free time especially during the stay in hotel. They want to share the hotel experience and information’s on social media. People use social media platforms on a regular basis such as normal person use the Facebook average 8 times per day. Come to the Instagram average 6 times per day, peoples addicted by social platforms. But most of the people don’t carry tablets, laptops and other related electronic devices on vacations except mobile phones. Now a days, People demanding the tablet from hotel administration. Providing the tablet to their guest is hotel responsibility for better customer relationship and profits. Many hotels take the tablets on rent from Tablet hire  companies and provide to their guests.

With the passage of time, hotels administrations understanding the rights and requirements of new technology world peoples and they are trying to give them the best experience of life during their stay.

Hotel mobile app

The value of hotel mobile app has immense. Guests could find hotel location with the help of mobile app, app could use to send an important updates and information about hotel such as a discount on rooms fare, also helpful for business meetings in hotels conference rooms. Through, the app guest could know about the functions and events which will be held in the hotel and especially with the help of app, guest could reserve the hotel room whenever he wants.

Virtual reality

Experience of virtual reality to the guests will be unique and best experience for them. Virtual reality is in developing phase, therefore this technology is expensive for a normal person and everyone can’t afford virtual reality. But virtual reality finished the barriers and guest could enjoy the weather of Mount Everest while sitting in the hotel room chair. The use of virtual technology will be highly effective for entertaining the guest which will be the reason for profit in hotel business.

Hotels hire virtual reality from VR hire companies at a cheap price for short terms of a period.

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