Find out What a PWA is and What Its Advantages Are


What is a middle ground between a website and an application? This can be considered the Progressive Web App (PWA). It is a desktop and mobile tool, but it incorporates some of the features of the apps, such as geo-location and sending notifications.

Incidentally, the PWA is seen as a trend in the corporate universe. One of the main reasons is that you do not have to download anything to use. The user accesses the URL and starts navigating immediately, as if it were on an ordinary site, which saves resources in device memory. In addition, the required updates and changes are implemented faster than in an application, making the user experience better and better.

A practical example: an online clothing store has an app with good resources for customers but confirmed the low adherence to the tool. In this case, PWA is a good alternative to provide a similar experience without forcing the user to visit the apps store.

The progressive application for the web can be incorporated directly to the company’s website through notices and banners. Thus, when the customer enters the page, soon they will be informed of the possibility of using it, giving them the power to choose between the common page and the progressive page.

In addition, by introducing Google Chrome 70 recently, Google has announced that the new version has support for PWAs (for now, the feature is only available for Windows programs). That is, platforms like Live Tiles has PWA version and therefore can be accessed from the menu available in Google Chrome. This confirmed the trend of using this type of platform.

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But how does it work?

PWAs use service workers, which are execution scripts placed in the background, which allow them to use offline, receive notifications and update content in the background.

For the developers, the platform offers an advantage that optimizes the work. By being developed from CSS3 and JavaScript, it is possible to replicate it in any type of browser and platform. That is, it will not be necessary to build a new structure or make very severe modifications. Thus, both the design and the PWA information are defined only once.

You also do not have to worry about doing any kind of update. As PWA is in the web environment, new versions are automatically incorporated.

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