Advantages of an NBN Phone System


So, it’s time to start weighing all your options and adding a business phone system that vamps up your business and gives you the competitive edge you’re looking for. Many businesses know that changing over to an NBN phone system or a hosted PBX phone system is the change they need but aren’t too sure about what makes them such a better fit over the regular dated system they have in place. To put it simply your choice in IP enabled phone systems are probably going to be more cost effective and give you a heap of calling features and benefits you never realized you were missing out on.

What’s the Difference and why does it Matter?

Firstly, when you’re using these cloud-based systems, you’re making outgoing calls over your internet connection instead of over a landline. You’ll be swept swiftly away when you find out about the mobility you’ll gain, ease of use and wealth of features. To start, the cost to set up the system is often competitive and with technology, on the rise, you can expect to see ongoing costs staying low.

What Are the Features?

Alright, we keep mentioning all the extra features you’re missing out on so here’s what you can expect. You probably have access to caller ID and voicemail with your traditional landline now but you’ll also be introduced speech to text, as many extra phone numbers as you may need, and things like call forwarding, routing, and blocking. If you’re interested in sharing video, files, and images during your calls, you’re covered there too.  


How Will NBN Phone Systems Benefit My Employees Who Are In and Out of the Office?


For business owners and employees on the go or who have traveling to do, your phone system will be accessible from mobile devices and calls can be forwarded to mobile phones while employees are out of the office.

It’s Too Much of A Hassle to Switch My Business Phone System, There’s Never a Good Time

Okay, we get it. No business thinks they have the time or energy to switch over their whole business phone system; after all, you’ve got valuable customers to serve and can’t afford an interruption in service, right? Well, that’s certainly true for most businesses, especially the small to medium-sized businesses that are finally getting to swoop in on NBN phone systems now that reliable internet and options for IP enabled systems are becoming more widely available and cost-effective.

It’s Never Been Easier!

The truth is, most of the time with the right planning, the setup, and installation of your new system can go over pretty smooth and efficiently without much hassle. It’ll be a small price to pay for all of the functionality and mobility your business will gain by installing these systems. You won’t have to worry about much when your business grows or if you plan to downsize, because expanding and downsizing can be done easily on these systems. 

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