5 leading Gate Valve Manufacturers in India


Gate Vales are valves that help in controlling and reducing the flow of liquids, gases, oil, vapors along with that they are used in various types of the pipe system to handle pressure. They are extensively used throughout the hydrocarbon, energy and process industries.
The gate valve manufacturers in India manufactures the valve since they are in high demand and valves play an important role in all types of industrial, commercial, and even residential purposes. The gate valves are manufactured by gate valve manufacturers in India. They are designed to withstand the minimum design temperature required by industries.  

Many new gate valve manufacturers in India and gate valve suppliers have entered the market in recent years. They are meeting the rapidly growing demand of gate valves within the ever-growing economy.

Below is top gate valve manufacturers list in India that offers high-quality valve at competitive prices-

  • L&T Valves: L&T Valves are a leader in flow-control solutions for critical services. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T. They manufacture gate valve for key sectors of the economy such as oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals.
    The valves are designed using state-of-the-art #D design, simulation, and analysis software. The valves are tested again and again to ensure that they deliver high-performance consistently.

  • VIP Valves: Being in the industry for more than 37 years and having the experience in designing and manufacturing of industrial valves, they are one of the leading manufacturing units in Mumbai, India. They manufacturer gate valve according to international specification and ISO Standards. The valves are of good quality and are efficient. The valves have industrial characteristics and features to deliver more than expected.

  • Hawa Valves: Hawa Valves are the manufacturers of valves for applications in critical Hydrocarbon or OIl and Gas upstream, midstream, downstream, chemical, power, marine, mining, and general industry. Having 4 manufacturing facilities, the 2 manufacturing plants are in Mumbai. They are an ISO 9001:2008 and ATEX compliant company. They have official Monogram license of the American Petroleum Institue with API-6D, API-6A, and API-600.
  • Amtech Valves: Being founded in 1985, it is a self-owned company offering comprehensive industrial valves for a variety of projects. They manufacturer high-quality gate valve for various industries, government projects, and household purposes.
  • JC Valves: The JC Valves manufacturers high quality and high technology gate valves at competitive prices. The company caters for not only the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors but also the chemical, pulp and paper, power generation and any other industry that may need valve products.
    According to JC Valve statistics, in 2007 the global valve market was worth US$45 billion, with an annual growth of 4-5%. Out of this market upstream oil and gas contribute to 18%, with refining operations taking a further 14% share.
    They have vacuum treated valves which are going to last more than 10 years. They have done the internal tests on the corrosion properties of vacuum treated against steel against normal steel and it was found that the vacuum treated valve is 5 times stronger and long-lasting.

With such a large spectrum of choices, Gate Valve manufacturers in India are growing exponentially. Having a high competition, the manufacturers have to keep a high standard in valves and raw material. However, for the gate valve manufacturers in India, it has not remained an easy task. The price fluctuations in raw material have not helped the manufacturers and have only added to their woes. But thankfully, the upstream projects have not been hampered too badly by such issues and the gate valve manufacturers in India have managed to survive in the market.

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