11 Local SEO Tips To Dominate Google Maps


As most customers rely on the Internet if they want to know where to find or buy a certain product or service, it is but justifiable to put “dominate Google Maps” on the upper end of your to-do list.

A local SEO marketing company provides expert assistance to firms who want to accomplish this goal. But if you’re still on a tight budget, we’ve got your back! Here are 11 must-know local SEO tips for you:

You need to have a physical address in your prospect area

The first thing you need to secure is a physical address for the area or town you’re targeting. If the location is not within the area, make sure it is near to your desired area.

Tap the power of Google My Business

Any local SEO marketing company would know how important utilizing Google My Business is. All the information of your business you add to your GMB account is also reflected on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Plus.

Match the NAP on your GMP and website

For beginners, NAP is the acronym for name, address, and phone number. You have the responsibility to ensure the accuracy and consistency of these data on your website and on your GMB.

Associate your business with the correct categories

When you create local business listings, associate your company with only the appropriate categories. Categories refer to the type/nature of your business (e.g. Are you a health club? A pizza delivery service?).

Put a map to your office headquarters on your website

To help your potential customers find your precise office location, you need to put a map on your website. On the same web page as your map, don’t forget to include contact information and social media links.

Use separate web pages for your products or services

If you have different types of products or services — or your business has different branches or locations — one way to make your website rank high on search engine sites is to dedicate separate web pages to each of them.

Constantly feed your site with original content

SEO is all about stellar and original content. To keep audience retention high, you must be diligent in coming up with rich, entertaining and informative content.

Use keywords wisely

To guarantee that your website and content reaches its audience, any local SEO marketing company would advise you to use keywords effectively. Look for terms that are relevant to your content and include it on the title, body, slug and meta description.

Help build credibility by using citations

Properly citing directories (whether they’re global, regional, or local) is significantly helpful in your attempt to rule Google Maps. This will help build your authority and credibility, just double check if the citations you use come from quality sources.

Get links from other local websites to your website

Establish your business’ reputation by getting inbound links from other local websites. One way to do this by forging relationships with key brands and influencers.

Encourage your clients to write reviews

Google has an affinity for reviews and testimonials. Let this tech giant recognize your business by enticing your customers to leave and write positive reviews about your products and/or services.

Tessa is a local SEO marketing company that can help your brand’s online presence. We have a forward-thinking and hardworking team that delivers results you need.

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