Six Crucial Questions before Domain Baptism


Because the name of a site cannot be changed, it is good to think long before registering the domain. Before even creating a domain name you should already have in mind which niche you want to act on. You can also create combinations of your niche. Look at these items. If most answers are yes, you can register.

1 – Does the site name describe the content?

2 – Is the name striking or impactful?

3 – Are you using a usual domain name (.com)?

4 – The name has more than ten letters (without the “.com”)?

5 – Is the main keyword in the site name?

6 – You liked the name (it may seem silly, but it is very important)?

If most of the answers are no, go back to step 1 (picking a name really is not easy).

If you already have taken a domain but now are not satisfy on it, you can sell domain name and search for another new.

4 more tips for choosing a domain name

Only the essential: Be short, captivating and unforgettable! You should also create a name that is easy to speak and spell.

“.Com” is the most famous domain name and it may be difficult to find one that is available. If you have found one but it is already taken by someone, check it out here the guide how to buy that domain name. In most cases you should choose a “.com”, however, if you’re making a plan to sell only in a particular country, you should this about a country-specific domain, such as “” for the UK, or “pk”to Pakistan.

Localizable x Brand Presence: What is your strategy? Do you depend solely on the traffic from the search engines? If so, you should consider actual phrases and words that people search for to boost your ranking in the search engines. If the marketing plan focus is on the paid search list, banner ads, and buzz building, you should create a brand name like, something people will remember.

Be Creative: Most domains with a single word are already being used and you may need to make your own word. Do composing two words such as YouTube, using a word (Six Apart), mixing parts of some words for example, Microsoft, adjusting a word such as Flickr, using a prefix or suffix such as Shopify or inventing a completely original name such as Odeo.

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