iPad Hanger Mission: To boldly go where no iPad has gone before!


Apple’s iPad is a trans formative device, a leap forward in our ability to harness technology and the Internet for our everyday lives. We envision a day when households will own more than one. Remember your first cellphone. How many cellphones does your family have now? Our motto really is “an iPad in every room!” (Full disclosure: we are not Apple shareholders, just Star Trek fans) Our line of iPad hangers, iPad mounts, and iPad 2 car mounts were produced to make using the iPad fun and convenient for as many daily activities as we can.

We looked at how we could use our iPad from the moment we woke up until we went to bed. Why buy a new alarm clock when a 99 cent app turns my iPad into an alarm clock radio that shows me the weather? While doing her hair in the bathroom, my wife can review her emails and daily schedule or listen to the news. In the kitchen it becomes my newspaper and my recipe book. It’s a portable theater or television. The iPad2 is a camera and a videophone. Apps, wonderfully inexpensive, expand your functions every week. As an iPad owner, you know all this already.

Making it easy
Until Apple creates a force field or an anti-gravity case (only a matter of time), we need ways to hold and position the iPad for all these uses. It cannot stand on its own. The sleek design makes holding the iPad for long periods of time challenging. We want to put the iPad where it can be used most easily and is out of harm’s way. Something that gets so much use also needs protection against everyday wear and tear.

Many accessories exist that satisfy one or two of these situations. We set out to provide a comprehensive solution that would avoid costly add-ons. You already spent a bundle on your iPad and we’re betting it won’t be your last one! Why buy an accessory that will need its own accessories?

The iHangr
We created the iHangr for all the things you can do with your iPad and the places where you do them. (Check out the Genesis) The result is a device that will help integrate iPads into your lifestyle almost as conveniently as Star Trek’s talking computer, using those fantastic apps, reading books and newspapers, watching videos and movies, e-mailing, surfing the web, playing games, using recipes. The iHangr will hold your iPad on a kitchen cabinet, mirror, or piece of furniture to display recipes, photographs, or videos. It turns your iPad into a portable flat screen TV in the car or at the gym. Stand it on a table, counter, windowsill, or desk to watch, read, type, or surf. Grip it securely when reading, gaming, or showing presentations. Carry it easily. It keeps the screen and case away from hard surfaces. When not in use, it stores like a good book on a shelf, counter, or table.

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