The Flagship Smartphone Mi 6 From Xiaomi

Mi 6 is the flagship brand of 2017 from the Chinese company Xiaomi. Though Mi 5 (the predecessor of Mi 6 that was launched in 2016) couldn’t cut much ice especially in some the most developed countries in the world like the US, the current brand Mi 6 has been able to rise above the average. In other words, this brand has been immensely popular in major parts of the Asia wherever the company operates through its own channel or simply has launched there with its network partners. However, this particular model has become immensely popular among the youngsters.

Key features of Mi 6:

  • Appealing display: You will be happy to know that Mi 6 has a 5.15-inch LCD display with 1080p. It means every photo shoot with this phone will look gorgeous while displayed on the screen.
  • Good power backup and storage: This phone has more than average power backup with its 3350mAh battery. Simultaneously, it is equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor and 4/6GB RAM together with 64/128GB storage. It means this phone is compatible with its closest rival.     
  • Low price: Experts opine that the brand bears a low price tag compared to its state-of-the-art features and the competitive pricing. In fact, in some markets, it is available at just half the price of the leading brands and people are increasingly finding this phone useful without compromising their use. In short, this phone is affordable to the masses.  
  • Seductive design: Buyers find this phone handy especially with its sleek body with curved design at the edges. Besides, the grey finish of this phone is truly impressive. On top of it, the strong and sturdy looking overall getup and the lightweight of this phone are truly seductive that can easily catch up one’s everyday fantasies. You will feel proud of owning this phone and talking even in public. In short, this phone promises to add persona to your self-confidence.  
  • Solid imaging: People who have used this phone are synonymous with the fact that the portrait imaging on this phone is simply unmatched.
  • Camera: It has an 8MP back facing camera and a dual 12MP front facing camera. It further connotes that you can easily take quality selfies with this phone.   
  • Good rating: On different review sites, this phone has fared well with a 5-star rating.

The overall look and feel of this phone are the owner’s pride. It has a good Wi-Fi and the call quality. With its heavily curved design and a powerful battery as well as the memory backup, this phone looks perfect for everyday use.

On top of it, it is an Android 7.1.1 phone and the manufacturer is Xiaomi. However, the market for this phone outside China is still not very strong though it is being touted as the most budget friendly phone of the year 2017. The real test of this phone will be to win over the hearts of its users. Hence, the time will tell you the truth here.

The WMI Provider Host Diaries

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