Which do you prefer, the Notebook Computer or the Netbook?

First it was the desktop PC, then the Laptop, next the Notebook and thereafter the Netbook. So what do all these computers have in common and more specifically what if any are the differences in these computers? Let’s leave the desktop and the laptop aside for now because this is one topic that has been thrashed around for a long time. The introduction of the Notebook Computer and the netbook are comparatively new and as such most people and especially new users become a little puzzled as to which they should choose providing they need a portable computer.

The primary difference can be said is the size because the netbook is even smaller and lighter than the Notebook computer. The common factor is that they are both laptop computers but with smaller screens in various degrees. When the netbook was first introduced it came with a screen as small as 7” but most of these now have 10” to 12” screen making them very much similar to the notebook computer in many ways. This was mostly due to the 7” screen being ultra small making it difficult for many people to read the contents even at close quarters. The Netbook also comes with a very small keyboard that makes it hard to type without striking two or three keys at the same time unless the user has very small fingers.

Having very small keys makes you prone to making typing errors more often than not, especially when you type fast and for this reasons many people avoid using the netbook for preparing documents although it’s quite good for surfing the web and chatting with friends. Another disadvantage for some people is the lack of a CD-Rom which for many doesn’t matter much because the netbook is mostly used when they are out and about. But they do have a better choice in operating systems and although initially they came out only with versions of Linux, today’s netbook can be purchase with Windows 7 or XP.

The notebook computer is also portable and the same as the laptop or netbook and in between the two as afar as size is concerned. It comes with a screen that is smaller than the laptop but bigger than the netbook making it the ideal size for functionality and portability. The notebook computer also has a keyboard with keys that are more user friendly than the micro netbook keys and instead of the ubiquitous mouse; it comes with a trackpad that some people takes time getting used to.

One of the biggest benefits of the notebook computer is its long battery life which makes it the ideal computer to take with you on trips where you won’t be easily able to get the battery charged. Having multiple USB ports also allow users to connect various devices such as a flash drive, memory card reader or even headphones and mikes to enable the use of applications like Skype. They perform at very high speed and can be connected to a TV set if the need arises. The notebook computer consists of networking jacks or come with Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to share a home or office network from wherever you are.

computing definition

We are now one period to the new year. When it comes to computing, now year CES was generally uneventful and uninspiring. We feel that, in spite of its slow but sure start, the occurring year can be a big year for the stage of the individualized computer. In the the previous few months, mellow fluctuations hold been heard occurrence too when paired up form for an astounding minute in the universe of computing. Just how superior can the current year be for the PC? Heres our enter of the 10 big developments this would go based on the beginning of adoption to state domination in the year ahead. I, for one, welcome our new 4G, SSD, dual-screen, 3D touch-screen overlords
Number Ten: Dual Screens for Laptops
Leno introduction of the Think Pad W700 is hopefully the originating of a trend. Its secondary score is superb for artists, CAD designers or anybody else who recently can get sufficient desktop true estate. See also: Voodoos Firefly concept, whose 4.3-inch display is elevated for checking e-mail additionally imminent to re spawn in Counter-Strike.
Number Nine: 3G to 4G
As the third creation of wireless communications gets ubiquitous the year, its period to imagine just about moving on. In Baltimore, at which Sprint is rolling out a 3G/4G modem for mobile broadband, regular download prices cycle based on data from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps, judged against to 3G speeds of 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps. Hopefully weans see funny things cell phone corporations post similar double solutions additionally the upcoming production takes over.
Number Eight: Designer Net books
We believed wears observed anything and everything through the crystal-studded Nintendo DS, but consequently HP introduced the China Chico HP Mini 100, a sultry red total number calculated by Vivienne Tam. And why not? These miniscule amount laptops fit to pocketbooks anyway. Look for a multitude of designers to currency in as the net book gets a fad.
Number Seven: USB 3.0
The new a Super Speed USB technology wont hit until 2010, but its effects might be have had to deal with the beginning of in the create of Fire final demise. The newest Mac Books own currently taken the bold phase of removing Fire wire in favor of USB 2.0, likely an suggestion the present a good deal more computer makers is able to follow. If that how ought to be wound up to trigger room for 5 Gbps of information transfer, so be it.
Number Six: Touch Screens
As touchable states take in cell phones, the door is open for greater financial in tablet PCs as well. Asus introduced the T91 at CES their year. HP and Fujitsu released touch rating laptops towards the end of go on year. With Windows 7 offering greater number of touch rating portions as opposed to ever, the ought to at last be the tablet long time to go mainstream.

Number Five: Cloud Computing
Its hard to pin dwindled how Cloud computing is planning to adjust in 2009 truly due to the fact that its center principal reads you cant notify what going out on behind the scenes?? but thereat at minimum a proliferation of online apps as Google ever-expanding suite, and the corporate industry is apparently ready on the thought as well. Look for more and more bombshell on the current in the International Cloud Computing Conference and Expo in late March.
Number Four: 3D Visual Interfaces
An Apple patent for a three-dimensional desktop was revealed in December, but Bump Top and Project Looking Glass suffer similar innovations in the works. With new presses forward in 3D imaging the current year, probably a real virtual office space is in make contact with at last.
Number Three: Smaller, Slimmer All-in-Ones
All-in-One PCs certainly blew up at CES this moment year, in Dell, Sony, Gateway and Lenovo all battling to be America?? approaching top model. Really, they are all springing out winners for owning so various choices to decide from. Our favorite, though, did not arrive based on what i read in any of such PC-making heavyweights. We liked Shuttle X50 due to the fact that it comes in on a handle.

A look at computer security

Computers are nowadays practically being used in every aspect of people’s lives and everyone is relying on these gadgets heavily. Their use ranges from handling operations, data storage, shopping, entertainment, school work and many more. With very important information being stored in a computer, it makes sense that the information must be sufficiently protected and secure. For instance, businesses must ensure that hackers are not able to access their data as they might ruin the businesses. Also, people who store their sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank details and even social security numbers in the system must ensure that such information is completely secure from any kind of misuse.

There are various things that can compromise the security of your computer such as worms, Trojan horses, viruses and even spoofing. Among these, a virus is the most notorious and common one. It comes in form of software that is specially designed to harm your files when it is installed. Installation is mostly done without user’s knowledge and one will even not know its presence until its devastating effects start to show off. When it hooks itself in the system it starts spreading resulting in more damages, corrupting the system and deleting other files. Thankfully, anti virus software provides protection against the effects of such viruses and keeps your system safe.

A computer worm is an offshoot of the virus whose effects are more or less similar to those of a virus. The only difference is that the worm will attach itself to a certain program and attack the system once the program is run. In addition to replicating themselves all over corporate network, these worms consume a greater proportion of the system bandwidth which adversely affects the performance of the system. Then there is the popular Trojan horse threat that appears just like any other program while it is actually not. Unlike worms and viruses, the Trojan horse does not undergo replication. All these different threats are collectively termed as malware which means malicious programs that invade the system. It is paramount that one knows how to suspect the presence of any of these malware and take the necessary actions before the system is attacked and rendered useless.

Computer infection can manifest itself in a number of ways. First, in addition to finding some of your files missing, you will also note that a number of them are also corrupted. Most PCs also start producing some strange sounds in the face of an infection while at other times you will find that your system is loosing memory for no good reason. The properties of the PC also start to change slowly by slowly while some strange files start showing and pop up messages and images are displayed at the same time. With all these malware posing a potential damage to your system, protecting your system by use of one of the effective protection software programs is not so much of an option but a necessity. You can download free anti virus software online or buy a full software version for maximum security.

Top Ten Uses For Your Old Printer

Playroom Prop

If you,re lucky enough to have kids you l know that they love role-playing games, and they all want to imitate Mum and Dad. Re-create an office atmosphere for them to play in with a few old bits and pieces and have your printer take pride of place. However, if they start drinking too much coffee or shouting obscenities into their toy phone it might be time to dismantle the operation.

Find an Electronic Recycling Schemea
Many electronics outlets will recycle your old equipment for free; all you have to do is take your printer to them. Recycling helps to save natural resources and reduces the effect of man-made toxins on the environment which in turn; will help to prevent the contamination of soil and water.

Storage Safe

If you remove the inner workings of a large printer you are left with a hollow space which can serve as a great incognito storage space. If its big enough you can even use it to hide your other halfs birthday/Christmas presents if theyre the type to try and hunt them down prematurely.


For those into steam punk and tech sculptures, your defunct printer is a great source of weird looking parts and components that with the right creative influence can be crafted into something rather impressive. Remember its probably a good idea to disconnect your printer from the mains before attempting to dismantle it.

Make Some Cash

By listing your old electronics on auction sites such as eBay even just for spare parts you can get a little bit of money back. With the cost of ink these days its the least your printer can do.

Plant Pot

Again, with the hollowing out technique youve got a weird and wonderful space-age plant pot for indoor or outdoor use.


If youve got a stack of stuff that you need to put somewhere, you might consider piling said stack of stuff on top of useless printer. With time you may even forget that you even have an old printer underneath that pile of miscellaneous matter.


You could always consider simply giving your printer away. This can be cleverly orchestrated so someone else comes to pick it up, negating any need to drive tens of hundreds of miles to drop it into the nearest ravine. You never know, someone else might even be able to get the damn thing working properly.


Pretty self explanatory; position your useless printer to prop doors open in your house. It may be questionable in terms of health and safety, but your doors will stay open.

Stepping Stool

If you need to get hold of something ever so slightly out of your reach; step up on top of your printer (obviously only if its of the stable breeze block variety) and that extra foot or so will help to propel you upwards for all your reaching needs.

If you have any ideas for the alternative uses of frustrating electronics, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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