Why Owning a Selfie Stick Makes you a Better Person

2015, the year of same-sex marriage, the beginning of the refugee crisis, of the Black Lives Matter Movement and of Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, of Fifty Shades of Grey and of that damn blue or gold dress.

And most importantly, the cure for the problem of arm length restricting selfie taking abilities.

The Selfie Stick, the biggest breakthrough in technology since the development of Facebook, but like all things that hit us hard and fast, we soon lost interest.

As a response to the dramatic increase in popularity of this invention, low-end retailers created replicas of quality Selfie Sticks. Available for five dollars a pop, these gadgets were faulty, common and often tacky in colour or design.

The world, saturated in Selfie Sticks, turned on the once beloved accessory faster than it turned on man buns. And with this rejection came the shame of owning one of these gadgets, a tool that allowed one to travel alone and not have to go through the process of asking strangers to photograph them. A tool that allowed everybody in a group to be included, a tool that spared even the most distant acquaintance from being given the dreaded order of:

Do you mind taking a picture of us?

How Selfie Sticks Improve Society:

  • Nobody has to be left out, everyone can be in the picture.
  • Strangers don’t have to take photos of you
  • Our Mothers can see us next to landmarks and beautiful scenery, even when we’re visiting them alone
  • It’s easy to pretend that someone has taken a photo of you if you’re worried about looking like a loner.
  • It’s easier to find “Your Angle”, thus everybody looks better in photos, looking good makes everyone feel great. Don’t put your happiness aside through your prejudice against Selfie Sticks.

Our best discoveries come from going out of comfort zone, nobody ever learnt anything new by doing the same thing every single day.

Our best discoveries come from taking what society calls ugly and finding a beauty in it.

Our best discoveries come from standing proud with a selfie stick, of snapping a fantastic picture of ourselves – from a great angle might I add, and enjoying the looks and stares, of sly comments, and ignoring the furious calls of outrage from across the street;

Why are you still using a selfie stick!?!   

And, you know, I feel like this is a really important point: that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to love taking pictures of yourself, it’s a beautiful thing to be able enjoy the gadgets that contemporary technology provides us with. So I implore you, this Christmas, to consider gifting a Selfie Stick to your loved ones, to bring back the product we once loved, and remember why it had a place in our hearts and pockets to begin with.

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